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Valuable Viking treasure unearthed by metal detector in North Lincolnshire

7 Février 2015 , Rédigé par Jean-David Desforges Publié dans #Promotion du système anglais

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THREE ancient artefacts found in North Lincolnshire have been named as treasure – and could soon be on display in Scunthorpe's museum.

Two pieces of 10th century Viking jewellery and a medieval ring were all ruled to be at least 300 years old and more than 10 per cent precious metal.

One piece, found near Winterton last September, is a cast silver pendant bearing the image of the Norse God Odin. The god of war and wisdom is shown embracing two ravens, known as Huginns and Munnins.

An amulet thought to be dedicated to Odin's son, Thor, was found near South Ferriby in February, 2013, and is also mostly silver. It consists of a small rod with one end hammered to form a flared end.

In a report read out at a treasure inquest at Scunthorpe Civic Centre, Martin Foreman, finds liaison officer for North Lincolnshire Museum, said: "The resulting object is untidily made and is now rather battered; whether this comes from the original hammering or is post-manufacture damage is uncertain.

"It bears some resemblance to a small and heavily modified spoon, as well as to amulets of 'Thor's hammer' type."

A third item – a 15th or 16th century gilded finger ring – was found in Roxby in October.

All three items were declared as treasure at the inquest. North Lincolnshire Museum now has the chance to acquire them.

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