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Unearthing a slice of Rainford history

18 Janvier 2015 , Rédigé par Jean-David Desforges Publié dans #Promotion du système anglais

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by Stephen Mather

A TREASURE trove of old coins, musket balls and Russian silver will be on display at Rainford Library until the end of the month.

They were all unearthed by metal detector enthusiasts in the village over the last four months.

Items include Victorian and pre-Victorian coins, transport and mining memorabilia and a selection of badges.

The detecting team Phil Taylor, Barry Walker and Ray Waring have been working in farm fields in News Lane and a private garden at Kings Moss.

Over the past year, members of Rainford Heritage Society have found many metal buttons and buckles and are appealing for anyone with specialised knowledge to help identify and date them. Also where they were made and what they were used for.

The society is committed to allow members of the public to see their finds and has a permanent public display at their base at Inglenook Farm on the Rainford By-pass.

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