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Metal Detector Specialists Comb Montpelier

14 Novembre 2014 , Rédigé par Jean-David Desforges Publié dans #Quand la science passe après le pillage

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Exemple intéressant. Un chasseur de trésor est intégré à une opération archéologique. Il explique pourtant maintenir sa pression sur le patrimoine avec des prospections anarchiques.

This week, treasure hunters have converged at James Madison's Montpelier. They joined archaeologists on a special quest to learn a bit more about our fourth president.

Metal detector specialists combed the historic grounds looking for traces of President Madison's stable – and what they've found is impressive.

Chuck Smalley's years of experience metal detecting brought him to the Montpelier dig.

"I've been doing it for 42 years. I'm a treasure hunter, a gold prospector, and I've gotten into this through working with archaeologists,” said Smalley.

Smalley and other specialists from across the country helped archaeologists identify where James Madison's stable used to be.

"We have the entire area gridded out in 10-foot by 10-foot squares and we've ridded a 600-foot by 600-foot area out and we're sweeping all of those 10-foot squares,” said Matthew Reeves, director of archaeology.

"We're trying to locate the deeper hits which are mostly iron around the stable area,” said Dennis Bjorklund, metal detector specialist.

Surveying teams measure the dimensions and the detector specialists take care of the rest, including meticulously marking each find.

"The green flags are historic nails that we've found, the red are horseshoe and horseshoe nails and then the blue are other artifacts,” said Reeves.

After seven days on the ground, the site is covered in the color-coded flags.

"We've got about 1,200 historic artifacts that we've recovered out there,” said Reeves.

Participants say the dig is a great way to merge their hobbies with history.

"When you first start out you're looking for coins and stuff and then all the sudden some things that may be historic start to pop up and you're looking at this thing and now we have an avenue to work with the archaeologists,” said Smalley.

The director says the next major excavation project will be in the late spring to find traces of old slave quarters.

Metal Detector Specialists Comb Montpelier

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