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Four finds all classed as treasure trove

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FOUR items unearthed by metal detectorists searching land across the region have been officially declared as treasure.

Inquests were held at the Coroners’ Court, in Crook, County Durham, to determine whether two rings, a broken brooch and a spoon found in separate hunts should be classed as treasure.

Jack Hall, of Prudhoe, Northumberland, unearthed a 16th century gold posy ring while searching land at Morden, near Sedgefield in April.

Mr Hall said: “I thought it was from a Christmas cracker and it was not until I washed it that I realised what it was.”

Paul Burn, from Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, had been searching farmland near Barnard Castle for just 45 minutes, on Sunday, September 14, when the noise of his metal detector changed.

When he dug at the site he discovered a decorative gold ring with a light blue stone, possibly a sapphire, which the British Museum has said dates from the 13th or 14th century.

He said: “After about six inches of digging over the ring rolled out, it was amazing to see.”

The court also heard that a fragment from a silver brooch was found by David Moscrop, of Darlington, while out metal detecting near Hurworth last January.

The brooch appeared to bare an inscription referring to Jesus of Nazareth and dated to around 1200 to 1350.

Dave Barron, former landlord of the Model T, in Darlington, found part of a silver spoon dating from the 17th century at Gilmonby, near Bowes, in County Durham, last July.

In each case Crispin Oliver, assistant coroner for County Durham and Darlington, ruled that the finds were treasure trove.

Once an item is declared as treasure a valuation committee of experts determines its market value before it can be offered for sale and, though technically the treasure belongs to the Queen, the finder and landowner usually share any money it makes.

 Four finds all classed as treasure trove

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