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Looting continues at archaeology site in Ibb

11 Mars 2008 , Rédigé par Jean-David Desforges Publié dans #Lutte contre le pillage

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IBB - The former general manager of the Archaeology Society of Ibb, Khalid al-Ansi, disclosed that thieves consisting of sheikhs and top officials in the government stand beyond the looting and devastation of archaeological sites in Ibb.

According to a directive sent to the al-Sada Security administration, he indicated that a number of thieves have been continuously attacking and looting archaeological sites. However with security measures in place, an influence by top officials called for the immediately release of them without prosecution.

Al-Ansi also showed his surprise of the committee’s action to form a council to investigate the issue, yet did not follow through. He also stated that the manager of the al-Sada district holds responsibility for the recent looting and vandalism to archaeological site.

“This continues to happen because the security guards have left the site. It was their fault, not mine, and I have asked the general prosecutor and the minister of culture to investigate the problem, but the chairman of the General Archaeology and Antiquities Museums refused,” al-Ansi said. According to sources, the al-Sada prosecution sent a memorandum to governor of the area, al-Qaisi, indicating that the investigations did not find any illegal act or negligence on the part of al-Ansi and further recommended not to take any administrative procedure against him. However, al-Ansi was taken off his post, yet continued his work investigating on the committee and was further pardoned by officials whom he criticized earlier.

“What is the secret in not implementing the recommendations of the committee that say that it is necessary to move the jewelry found in Osaiba site to the Central Bank?,” al-Ansi inquired, warning that they might be stolen like those of the al-Owd Museum.

Al-Ansi demanded a committee to investigate the looting of Osaiba site seriously and not to suffice with simple visits. He also said that the procedure taken against him is an attempt to justify the failure and that the responsible officials maintaining and protecting archaeological sites are deficient and negligent.

Al-Ansi further promised to publicize the story of looting archaeology in the middle regions in hopes of bringing more attention to the crimes committed there

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